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Terms and Conditions - Skylark Laundry Club and General Wash and Fold

Pricing - General Wash and Fold: Refer to our services list here for per pound pricing and minimum order charges.

Pricing - Skylark Laundry Club: To receive special Laundry Club pricing, you must be a member of Skylark Laundry Club and you must submit items in the Yellow Skylark Laundry Club bag. Laundry submitted in the Yellow Skylark Laundry Club bag will be priced at per pound Laundry Club price and subject to Laundry Club minimum order size. You can find pricing here.

Attention to Individual Garments: Skylark does not provide individual spot removal, button replacement, and/or make minor repair to wash and fold and Skylark Laundry Club orders. Additionally, we cannot process garment specific requests. If you have a garment that needs this extra level of care, please send it to us in the blue Skylark Dry Cleaning bag.

Replacement Bags: If an order is sent in without a Gargantote folded laundry bag, Skylark will automatically replace this bag for a fee of $10/each. Replacement or additional Skylark Laundry Club bags are available to Club members for a price of $5/each.

Claims Policy: Skylark processes wash and fold orders by weight. Please note that we do not pre-inspect, track individual items, nor read garment care labels for any items included in your Yellow Laundry Club bag or Green Wash and Fold bag. As such, we are not responsible for damage that results either from typical wear and tear (for example: fading, dye bleeding, shrinkage, tears and holes, lost or damaged buttons), or any other damage.

Also note that the Wash and Fold process may cause damage to items that require special processing, such as dry cleaning items, hand wash items, comforters, and so on. We recommend that you send garments that require special processing to us in the Blue Skylark Dry Cleaning bag, so that they can receive the individual attention they deserve. We make every attempt to remove items requiring special processing from your order. That said, it is the responsibility of the customer to include in wash and fold bags only items that can be processed via typical wash and fold processes.