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Dry Cleaning & Professional Laundry

Careful people, meticulous processes, consistently high standards. Checking, rechecking...and checking again! You have entrusted your garments to us, and we take that responsibility seriously. From the time we receive your garments, to delivery of your finished order, our team at Skylark follows a careful process which ensures consistently high quality and carefully tracks your garments through every point in the process.

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Listening to the Customer, and Responding

It starts with listening. So talk to us about what's on your mind. We want to know about about stains or damage or missing buttons; we also want to know how much starch you want or whether you like your jeans creased. Not only do we listen, but we have excellent systems to communicate requests up and down our production process and make sure every request gets done.

Keeping Close Tabs on Your Clothes

We value your garments as much as you do. That is why we carefully monitor your order from the point of pickup, through our plant, all the way up to delivery to you. We also track each individual garment in multiple ways - via a detailed database, unique barcodes, a disciplined lot management system, and even video footage of each order.

A Cleaning Method to Suit Each Garment

Garments come in an almost infinite variety - the world produces over 150 billion (yes, billion ) garments each year. Our highly-trained cleaning team evaluates the unique construction, fiber, and fabric of each garment, together with any stains, and handpicks the cleaning method that best fits each unique situation. Tools at their disposal include environmentally-friendly Greenearth dry cleaning, advanced Wet Cleaning, professional laundry, as well as hand spotting and other old-school tricks.

Finished to “Like-New” Condition

Our specialists finish each clean garment by hand, using advanced equipment to remove wrinkles and restore proper shape and feel. Each must meet exacting, garment-specific inspection points, as well as any customer-specific requirements. For example, we evaluate a men’s button-down shirt or woman’s blouse according to a dozen separate quality points. This means that we remove wrinkles or spots by hand if necessary, replace any broken or missing buttons, repair any minor damage, and tuck collar stays into sagging collars.

Check, Recheck...And Check Again

It's hard to see your own mistakes. That’s why at Skylark we employ dedicated inspectors, and have multiple, redundant inspection stations. Our inspectors have no problem sending back garments, and do it for a variety of reasons: To remove a hard-to-see spot, to smooth the lining of a suit coat, to depill a sweater, or to sew up a fugitive hem. Orders receive the same treatment - they are checked for accuracy at least three times between assembly and loading onto the truck by the driver.

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